Think tank Reform urges the UK government to create a single online identity for its citizens,  which would rely on a distributed ledger technology (DLT). This would mean that all forms of identification, including passports, would be combined under a single source of identification  stored on the blockchain. This would make a significant difference to how long it takes to authorization transactions that need different forms of identification and it would also reduce the security risks associated with having several forms of identification.

The idea relies on building an app using blockchain that could be used across different departments as the information would be already stored in a unique and safe place on the blockchain. The security could be improved additionally by pairing this app with biometrics, so that users could approve the use of identity information using a fingerprint or face scan on their smartphone.

The UK government is currently working on an online identity service app called Verify, which is planned to be released as a beta version for 25 users by 2020.


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