NiceHash CEO confirms Bitcoin hack is worth $78 million USD


CEO and co-founder of NiceHash, Marko Kobal, has confirmed yesterday in a video update streamed live on Facebook that the cryptocurrency mining marketplace suffered a loss of over 4,700 BTC, which at the current price is worth over $78 million USD.

Marko claims that the attack began in the early hours of 6th December after an employee’s computer has been hacked and that the team is currently working with law enforcement to establish what exactly happened. “We’re still conducting forensic analysis”, he claimed.

Over the following hours, Marko said that hackers gained access to their systems through that particular breach and around 3:34 AM CET they began to clear off funds from company’s accounts. A wallet address circulated by users showed that an amount of 4,736.42 BTC has been hacked – worth up to $78.3 million USD at the current evaluation. At the time being, the BTC is still held by that particular address.

Additional details could not be provided, but he added that “the attack appears to be incredibly coordinated and highly sophisticated attack.¬†We are doing everything we can right now. However, this will take time.”

Marko said the company would release additional details on possible recovery methods in the future.

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