This week has seen Bitcoin push past its $10,000 and even $11,000 target, however this growth did not come without trouble, as the large influx of buyers saw many exchange platforms not being able to cope with the volume of transactions.

Coinbase, one of the most popular exchange platforms, has struggled to deal with the intake of new accounts, mentioning in a statement that they were experiencing an “all time high” traffic – 8x bigger than the peak in June. Consequently, the Coinbase servers had to undergo maintenance to increase their capacity in order to meet the demands.

One of the top exchange platforms in the world, Bitfinex, also undertook server maintenance this week, and as a result they have suffered a DDoS attack.

Same thing happened to Bitstamp and Luno, a major South African platform, as they struggled to meet the demands of new buyers:

This raises the question whether the market volatility and the volatility seen in the Bitcoin price in the past couple of days could be due to these exchange platforms not being fully operation. However, it seems that things have resolved now on all these platforms and they are currently working fine.

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