Document distribution platform Aston signs key partnership with hospitals


Aston is a document distribution platform based on the Blockchain technology which offers decentralised document authentication and distribution. The documents would be stored on a main Blockchain, but in order to enhance security and speed of delivery of these documents, it also uses side chains where it will store edits and updates of these documents.

At BlockShow Asia last month, Kiyoung Tack, Astor’s head of sales, announced a partnership with Korean hospitals and a Blockchain solutions platform.

According to Tack, Aston recently signed a substantial contract with a network of 9 Korean hospitals where it will provide document protection services for the hospitals’ patients. The network of hospitals is estimated to deal with around 180,000 patients, which will be involved in the new document management system. This sums up to over 6.5 million pages of documents per month that the company will have to store and protect on the blockchain.

At the moment, Aston has an on-going ICO which started on 18th December and will conclude on the 24th. This is great news for the platform as they have already signed an important partnership even before the coin is launched on exchange platforms.

Additionally, Aston also announced at Blockshow Asia that a strategic partnership has been signed with Hybridblock, which is a multi-tiered Blockchain education and investment platform. This partnership will be focused on creating a new global cryptocurrency exchange.


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