Amazon Web Services (AWS) is subsidiary of and it offers information technology infrastructure services in the form of web services to its customers. Some of the firm’s products include storage and content delivery, cloud computing, databases, analytics, application services and mobile services.

At the Amazon Web Services annual re:Invent conference held last month in Las Vegas, CEO Andy Jassy shut down the rumours and officially stated that Blockchain-based services will not be offered by Amazon Web Services anytime soon.

In his statement, Andy presented his view on the technology, claiming there are limited use cases of Blockchain “beyond the distributed ledger” and reiterated the company’s policy not to “build technology because we think it is cool”.

However, Jassy hasn’t completed shut the door on the possibility of working on a Blockchain-based product in the future, claiming that they are looking for ways of implementing the Blockchain in order to benefit their customers:

“We are very intrigued by what customers are ultimately going to do there.”

AWS competitors racing to adopt Blockchain

Rivals such as Microsoft and IBM are aggressively advancing projects related to Blockchain services. Over the past couple of months, they have launched several Blockchain services and pilot projects in collaboration with their customers.


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