Job opportunities in Blockchain in 2018


Given that the Blockchain technology is on the rise and that it offers some unique advantages such as low operational costs, fast transaction speeds or no intermediary parties, many businesses across various industries are investigating the possibility of adopting this new technology in order to improve their performance. According to a report from AngelList, the number of job openings in the cryptocurrency market has more than doubled in the past 6 months, as these businesses have been working on incorporating the new technology into their business model.

This demand trend is expected to rise during 2018 as well, with many opportunities for developers and software engineers to join the financial revolution – so what exactly are these job openings?


At this given point in time, probably the most sought-after employee is the developer. A wide range of businesses from several industries, including banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, government agencies and tech companies are looking to implement Blockchain technology on their platform in order to better service their clients and users. However, in order to do this, all the necessary programs and scripts need to be developed and there is a dire need for individuals able to develop and write code to help creating and delivering cryptocurrency-based solutions.

Project manager

Once the cryptocurrency solutions for these business platforms will be created and delivered, businesses will have to express their ideas and communicate with a Blockchain company in order to find someone to meet their demands, and someone will be needed who would facilitate the projects that arise as the Blockchain company takes on more clients – this is the project manager.

The project manager will represent a bridge between the Blockchain company and the business they are working with, and will be the person responsible for ensuring that the needs and demands of the business company are adequately delivered by the Blockchain company, planning and supervising the execution of the whole project.

Community support

The Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in general are becoming more and more popular by the day, which lead to a large influx of people investing in the cryptocurrency market and interested in adopting this new technology. However, Blockchain has not been around for a decade yet and people struggle to understand what this technology is about and how it actually works, hence there is an acute need for individuals who would be able to clearly explain, answer queries and troubleshoot problems that these new users are likely to experience during their cryptocurrency journey.


The cryptocurrency market is currently under the close supervision of the relevant governmental agencies, however they are reluctant to lay out the legal guidance when it comes to profits and other things that involve transactions using cryptocurrencies. At the “Working in the Blockchain Ecosystems in 2018” event, lawyers said that they have been receiving an increasing number of phone calls from clients and potential clients inquiring about the structuring and governance of ICO’s and looking for advice on issues that they may run into on their Blockchain/fintech endeavors.

All the new businesses that are currently emerging due to the adoption and implementation of Blockchain technologies in different ways, it is very likely that many of these companies will require legal guidance in order to stay within the legal framework set out by the relevant government.


The main way in which the cryptocurrency market and businesses can reach potential investors and clients is through a website, where users can find all the information they need – what the company offers, what the problem they’re solving is, who is part of the team and etc.

Designing a user-friendly webpage is a essential part of pitching a business today, as users can often be turned away if your webpage is difficult to navigate and not aesthetically pleasant and the same principle applies to the rising cryptocurrency businesses too.

With the plethora of upcoming job opportunities within the Blockchain industry, recruiting services such as Johnathan Perkins and John Crain’s,  BlockchainJobs.Co will make the finding and selection process easier by connecting companies looking for employees with individuals looking for work.

An important aspect when it comes to companies hiring people in the Blockchain industry is the fact that these companies would not be able to hold incredibly high standards, but would rather have to be reasonable as the whole Blockchain industry has not yet been around for 10 years – so there is only so much experience you can have as a potential employee. This represents a great opportunity and individuals with the right skills and expertise could easily capitalise on this chance come 2018.


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