TenX (PAY)


What is TenX (PAY)?

TenX bills itself as the way to use cryptocurrency coins for the purchases that you make every day. In their own words:

“At TenX we work on making any blockchain asset spendable instantly.”

TenX started off as OneBit, which was a payment card that was linked to your Bitcoin wallet. However, as other coins started to increase their market cap and become more popular, the OneBit saw this as an opportunity to develop their own exchange platform, which is the COMIT network. Its white paper can be found here.

What is the COMIT network?

COMIT network stands for Cryptographically-secure Off-chain Multi-asset Instant Transaction network. This is essentially a way of processing transactions rapidly across the blockchain assets. The network relies on a cryptographic hash function to transfer between different cryptocurrencies.

COMIT runs on the COMIT Routing Protocol (CRP), which is part of the system that analyses and finds the right path for a transaction – the fastest, safest and cheapest possible route.

The team 

The TenX team consists of members who are highly experienced in deep tech, artificial intelligence, blockchain and marketing and business operations. Various industry leaders have been working with the team and have openly supported TenX, such as PayPal, Citi Mobile Challenge and DBS Blockchain.

Additionally, the team is very active in social media and keeps its users up to date with everything that’s happening behind the scenes. You can check out their YouTube channel for almost daily updates here.

ICO and supply

The ICO took place in June. Investors could exchange 1 ETH for 350 PAY and receive a 20% bonus in the first 24 hours of the token sale. The sale had a pre-sale cap of 100,000 ETH and a total cap of 200,000 ETH.

However, after only 7 minutes, the total cap of 200,000 ETH has been reached, which was equivalent to $34 million dollars.

The total supply is 206 million tokens, with a circulating supply of 105 million tokens. The company announced that they won’t be creating any new tokens. Current price for 1 PAY token is $2.36 and its all-time high is $6.17, so this is a quite good entry point if you are interested to invest.

How does the token work? 

When conducting a transaction using a traditional debit / credit card, merchants pay a fee when they accept the payment between 0.5-3%. This fee is split between the merchant’s bank, the credit card processing system, and the card’s issuing bank.

With traditional credit cards this fee goes to the card issuer. However, some portion is often returned to the user as an incentive for using the card. That’s where those credit card rewards programs come from.








Instead of a rewards program TenX distributes PAY tokens in the amount of 0.1% of purchases. Additionally, a reserve of 0.5% of the payment volume on the network is periodically distributed to holders of PAY tokens in proportion to their holdings. TenX plans to distribute this incentive monthly at first, with hopes of increasing distribution frequency in the future.


The first version of the COMIT network is due for release in Q4 2017, with a comprehensive security testing and auditing on the network coming in Q1 2018. The fully integrated COMIT network should be released around Q2 2018 and the addition of other Blockchain assets such as ETFs and derivatives should take place in Q4 2018.



TenX has some competitors on the market, such as, and this is a table comparison between them:


This is a great project with a huge long-term potential if everything goes to plan. The team behind this project is very active and they have a large community which believes in the project. At the current price of $2.36, this is a good investment long-term.


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